01 March 2012

10 September 2011

My first craft fair: Craftin' Carnival

Craftin' Carnival
Hello, it's me! If I can get all my bizniz together by tomorrow, I'll be at the Craftin' Carnival. Visit us at Work Brite : 4120 Brighton Blvd from 10 - 6. I'll have some affordable prints. Good people! Also, here's my Special Purpose for things I do and did.

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15 June 2011

I've been posting on my tumblr Special Purpose. It's a bit easier. Follow me here or there. Thanks, Z.
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29 April 2011

Here are the finished pieces. After a few tries, my epoxy is turning out pretty smooth. Smooth, but there are still bubbles on the 4x7's. We'll call that a happy accident. Next time, I'll let the first seal coat sit for an hour or so. As always, speed kills.
It's been a while since I sat alone, listening to music until the wee hours of the morning. These little pieces gave something back to me that I haven't had for a very long time. Sure, I had to wake up at 8 in the morning to nanny, but it all worked out. Next ups: pouring Kayla @beesters portrait, making some more magnets and the "photoshoot" for Paul's portrait. I'd like to finish that mother before the end of summer.

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13 April 2011

Wine Portrait for Katie

This portrait is for Katie's friend. Here is my original etsy listing so you can see the changes... Poof! Blondes!
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08 April 2011

Amanda Has A Cat

Well, now I can say I know how to draw a cat and a Badger. For Amanda, thank you for your patience. Your token to catwomandome is on it's way.
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16 March 2011

Little David Has Three Girls

Ava, Emerson & Harper Ballew, 2011. Love you, Cousin Zshanna.
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He's Draining Me

Today, I colored a print with my new aqua Aquarelle.
Back in the land of milk and honey, I drew this bust of a woman, avec son petit punk, who fills like a bag. She was inked for my last show. This idea is from around the time I began to feel mi preciouso fetus kick from the inside. Back when I needed a burrito every few hours to stay sane. Then, this afternoon, having my friend and her newborn over, it all came whooshing back to me. Such work! Such love! Love my girls.
Let us empathize.
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15 March 2011

F is for Freedom!

Starting to list the projects I've worked on! Here's a little "F" made for Freedom's Frird birfday. Might be, I'm a wee bit attention-deficited hyperactively-disordered for this stuff. Motivated by necessity, I will make my way through the alphabet.
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26 February 2011

It is time to eat ok

I made this for Miles and his obsession with ahbah beeyo, nandy and happy to yous. I like that there are no commas.

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23 February 2011


I'm documenting a great detail of my life, but for the most part, I've kept the Majesty of Pigeons experience to myself. Until now. Drive by and you will see our roof, it's pigeons, our plastic owl, our chicken wire crown that tops our home... You might see me in the front yard howling, hurling wood chips at the bastards, spraying them with the "jet" setting of my garden hose, cursing lto myself. It seems one of the clan died of natural pigeon causes yesteday. Whilst working away, I heard a thump and thought "dead pigeon?" looked to the window and poof "dead pigeon!" I did not take a photo of this. It landed on the neighbors property. Which brings me to a useful link: What to do with your dead pigeon ... http://bit.ly/h50sj9
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15 February 2011

I Give You The Business

Ahhh, the hustle of an independent designer. I've spent so many years of my life in Denver unemployed, or loosely employed, or employed in a position that has no future, or looking for employment. I had a little sister sister that passed away in 2003, followed by stint with no nothin' to report to. I made time to draw everyday. For a good couple years, in the land before blogs, I committed myself to a drawing a day (or more) and this served as my school, my job, and my goal, putting one foot in front of the other. Putting perfection aside and letting me be bad, gave me freedom to finish 4. I'm working on my fifth.
One day, I hope to better represent what I have in my thoughts. The goal as an artist to get each idea down is a job in itself... nevermind the demands of my children, my house.
On a good day, my work comes across as cute or pretty or subtle. I like being in my sketchbook, where I'm comfortable. For now, painting takes too long. I am on a search for a new medium.
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22 December 2010

Good Ol' Jessica Jones.

I finished Jessica's order including a portrait for her mother, her brother who just had a baby girl, her father and step-father. Also included was a lovely magnet set of twelve and a framed golden girls portrait. After the holidays, I'm putting my shop on hold and my two final portraits on priority.
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Todo for Life.

There was a time in childhood where I actually thought... "hmm, maybe I could be a cop". This is not possible. However there are things I would like to get to, one way or another, before I die. I want:
  1. to learn the right way to cut hair.
  2. to be a make-up artist.
  3. to be a set designer.
  4. to be an oil painter.
  5. to build a treehouse.
  6. a make-over.
  7. to learn the drums.
  8. to find a new city.
to be continued...
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06 December 2010

Bieber Plus Kyra!

For those of you who are unaware of the devotion I have to my family of angels, take a look at this fine case of photoshoppin'.
Kyra wants a poster of Monsieur Bieber for x-mas. A little $2 poster.
Such a thing, on the wall... I couldn't look at it everyday. So, I promised to make her something better. I made this. We've decided to add a Bieber to a photo of every girl she knows. We've joined powers to form Bieberplus. That's Bieber + you, or her or him. Forever. Jeez. We are good.

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