29 April 2009

Yoshi Did It!

My files are back! Of course, I have to organize each and every one of them, but they are back none the less. America, let us back up our computers together. If you need help, ask Yoshi.
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28 April 2009

The Trash

Today, I emptied the trash and it may have cost me a job. I accidentally deleted 700 files from my computer only moments before they were to be turned in. Tomorrow, I hope to either be rescued or to somehow rescue myself for free.
Notes to consider: I was 2 feet from my external hard drive when this happened. No, it had not been used for it's sole purpose for ten at least days. On it were the first 200 files I worked on. So, that is good BUT I can't find any file recovery freeware for Macs.
Also, I am broke! Everyone is. There is no hundred dollar program solution to this problem. Free is my only friend.
I will post when I find a solution.
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24 April 2009

It's Alive!

Here is a snapshot from only a few hours later. I just realized my previous post looks like a bunch of dirt. Awesome dirt, but dirt nonetheless.

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Look At My Garden Grow

I can't believe how fast my garden popped up! Here are my snow peas, green onions, cucumbers, roma tomatoes, lavender, basil, serrano chilis, yellow and red bell peppers, asparagus beans and parsley. I put the seeds in on sunday. Look at my little sprouts!

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23 April 2009

Too Busy For The Blogs

Pediatrician, medicaid, fevers, files, tracing, unemployment appeals, science projects, money finding, damn dinners, an art show, fliers! Soo much to do before May 1st. I'm too busy for anything lately. I was swamped before I started all these tattoo files, now I just don't know anymore. Am I at the point where I may need to get a day planner. So, enjoy this goat. I have nothing in me for my (3) readers today.
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21 April 2009

Sweet Jesus

I don't believe in Catholicism, therefore, I cannot put one ounce of energy into getting my child or my boyfriend's child baptized, communionized or catechismed. There are not enough hours in the day to give a poor child the run-around about this world, the world's many gods and clubs of god. I am seeking other avenues. Suggestions are welcome, as long as it doesn't include me waking up early on Sunday to do anything but garden... or eat. For now, this light switch plate will have to do.
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20 April 2009

Floorplanning Is Fun For All

Well, maybe not fun for all... but, I've managed to spend many hours at floorplanner.com. It got me through the nesting part of my pregnancy. You can enter everything to scale, so it's accurate and helps you get a sense of your space when planning a room, or ordering
furniture online or are too pregnant to move things around. Plus, you can pick out details that look like the stuff in your home. Look at my living room! I'm making the switch this week. Thrilling.
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17 April 2009

Outsider Art

Somethings I must get to work on:
- 600 files left until this leg of work is done.
- Figure out my round needles. Practice knitting washcloths.
- Kill the mouse (or knit it a scarf).
- Fabric Lab Art Show in June. Ideas: collage, drawings, photo.
- Folk Art! Loneliness!

I am getting worse at seclusion. If I could escape for a while, like I used to, I might do fine, but for now, I have spent countless days in this house with my son. I miss drawing in peace until my eyes broke. Its too lonely for a person like me, without family and everyone else so busy. A visitor would keep me sane. If this keeps up I might be looking for a new place or a new city soon. Its getting harder to be in a room with my mate. I need conversation, family, love and someone to cook for me.

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16 April 2009

Lovely Birdies

This is what I am cleaning up for Tattoofinder.com. I believe this artists name is Alex Diaconu. Only 1500 to go.
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15 April 2009

Holy God, I'm Going Blind

One baby and a job and a home and a kid. My livelihood depends upon this remaining balanced. Part of me feels like the care I give Miles is slipping while I work. Oh well, we'll just have to get our routine on. This is day two of crib training, day two of production work and my ass is officially kicked. Enjoy some birds I drew. Now, I must make dinner.
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14 April 2009

Prints For Babies

Say hello to our little prints. This is the first of our baby series that will be called something along the lines of: Be careful. A list of little things to protect your baby from. Other things to watch out for: Lightening, Honey, Scissors and Everything Under the Sink. Submit ideas, if you dare.
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12 April 2009

Sunday Bloody Goya

Our peaceful, little Goya, who spends most his days eating dust, joyously licking the spot where his testicles used to be, got messed up today, this very Easter Sunday. There was blood everywhere! One of Chuckie's mom's dogs, Blue, took a chunk out of his ear. That little Blue bomb was set to go off and Goya just didn't see it coming. Poor thing, it's his first big battle and he didn't win.

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10 April 2009

Feeding This Kid

Breastfeeding my child is a full-time job. 
We just started changing it up with rice cereal, sweet potatoes and carrots. Next, is the oatmeal and the greens; avocados, beans and peas. I'm still breastfeeding as much as before I introduced solids, but considering he still gets most all his nutrients from me, it's to be expected. Miles eats everything happily, as long as he's not too hungry or over-tired and eats it from his little rocker. We have a sliding problem in the hi-chair. 
Since he's cutting his first little teeth he's cries a lot in the car, but it's been better since we got the Baby Oragel. The swabs are a rip-off (you only get 12 for $5) but for now, they've given me a couple quiet drives and peace of mind.
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09 April 2009

The Mouse Goes On

There has been a mouse in our house for as long as I can remember. Maybe 9 months, maybe more. It is black, resembles a lightening bolt and sometimes seems to levitate. I am so very scared of it. Clever and impossible to catch, we've tried no kill boxes, sticky traps, peanut butter, cheese. Since it's getting into the bread and rice cakes, we've had to resort to real traps. The suspense is killing me.
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A Sock I Want Pepper to Make

My friend can't sell his socks on Etsy.com! The reason being they are manufactured. So, when this lovely sock I designed gets made, you can visit his site... ashidashi.com

Until then.

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08 April 2009

07 April 2009

Hi Chair Parts

These are my tools and a view of the impenetrable baby seat.

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The Hi Chair

This a chair I got as a baby gift from Rita Valdez.
I didn't like the original farm pattern, but I liked the bones, so, I covered it in a nice aqua and turquoise print, followed by a plastic protective layer.
At first, I thought it would be a fast, staplegun job, but I found the seat base and back impossible to penetrate. I ended up using about fifty carpet tacks, one at a time, whenever Miles' naps allowed me. Alas! If I did this over again, I would get new foam cut for a cleaner result. As is, it looks a lot better and was free.
I will post the final product, with him eating in it.
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