10 April 2009

Feeding This Kid

Breastfeeding my child is a full-time job. 
We just started changing it up with rice cereal, sweet potatoes and carrots. Next, is the oatmeal and the greens; avocados, beans and peas. I'm still breastfeeding as much as before I introduced solids, but considering he still gets most all his nutrients from me, it's to be expected. Miles eats everything happily, as long as he's not too hungry or over-tired and eats it from his little rocker. We have a sliding problem in the hi-chair. 
Since he's cutting his first little teeth he's cries a lot in the car, but it's been better since we got the Baby Oragel. The swabs are a rip-off (you only get 12 for $5) but for now, they've given me a couple quiet drives and peace of mind.
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