17 April 2009

Outsider Art

Somethings I must get to work on:
- 600 files left until this leg of work is done.
- Figure out my round needles. Practice knitting washcloths.
- Kill the mouse (or knit it a scarf).
- Fabric Lab Art Show in June. Ideas: collage, drawings, photo.
- Folk Art! Loneliness!

I am getting worse at seclusion. If I could escape for a while, like I used to, I might do fine, but for now, I have spent countless days in this house with my son. I miss drawing in peace until my eyes broke. Its too lonely for a person like me, without family and everyone else so busy. A visitor would keep me sane. If this keeps up I might be looking for a new place or a new city soon. Its getting harder to be in a room with my mate. I need conversation, family, love and someone to cook for me.

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