29 June 2009

Diy Market Madness

I have been sewing, drawing, categorizing, forgetting, feeding, gluing, coating, brainstorming for what seems like a month straight. I get to breathe for a moment, usually on a sunday, then go back to cramming too much into a day. After this month, these shows are over I would like to sit on the mountain and throw my phone into the center of it. Until then... I get to sell my heart out. Little lightning for all!
I failed to take a proper photo of my table and tent at the 2nd Annual Colfax Block Party and DIY Market so i'll just tell you that it was awesome. I sold two paintings and tons of magnets. Which reminds me, as a consumer you gotta watch out for the check out line impulse buy, that is, unless you are in my shop where the impulse buys are my wonderful glass magnets. They are handy and awesome.
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22 June 2009

Kyra Cakes!

This is my first go at cake decorating. Star-shaped icing tool, hula flowers and gumdrops! HUZZAah!
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15 June 2009

Selling My Soul

Yesterday was my show at the Fabric Lab, where, in spite of having the great outdoors and the Westword Music Showcase to compete with, I sold ten things. Ten little pieces of me floating about... This making and showing of art is very hard work. I must keep perspective and always remember how important it is to share and show people what you are best at. I'll keep it up and maybe my family will make it to a show one day.
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14 June 2009

Goodbye Little Ones

This is a photo of my first etsy.com sale moments before it's shipment. I wrapped it in blue tears of joy. Mighty fine!
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12 June 2009

Make It Work

I love Miles. I am so very distracted and pulled many directions. So much, in fact, that I allowed bubbles to happen in my project. I must show these as is or hold up a convenience store to do everything all over again. Did I mention how much I love my child?

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05 June 2009

Damn It

Surveys are a great way to make money if you have opinions and a little bit of time. Go ahead and befriend Fieldwork Denver on facebook. I did homework for one about baby shopping in January, when I showed up they didn't even need me so they gave me a check for $125 and I left. The rules say you have to wait 6 months to do another. Since I didn't actually participate in the baby one I got to take part in a survey that payed $200 for an interview and a $100 for homework and another $250 if your homework was the most creative. I didn't win!!! I can't let this go. It's been in the back of my wild mind everyday since. I didn't even get to see who's work beat mine. Well, here it is. My home work, collages that describe the current state of my life and what it was two years ago, when I lived in the land of milk and honey.
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02 June 2009

My First Etsy Sale

The winner is... B. Leleux of Texas! I finally sold a painting on Etsy.com. I'm so happy, so very pleased to have my work spread past the Colorado state border. Which is more than I can say for my summer vacation.
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A Bad, Bad Thing

I have been a terrible blogger as I have had to be a wonderful mother, worker and artist instead. I apologize. I know there's at least six readers who check in on my every move and I am trying desperately to be interesting for you, always, everyday, but even mountains have to take a day off from time to time.

Here is the flier for my awesome show June 13th at the Fabric Lab on Colfax. I'm planning great things for this. Hope there's time to make it all happen.

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