29 June 2009

Diy Market Madness

I have been sewing, drawing, categorizing, forgetting, feeding, gluing, coating, brainstorming for what seems like a month straight. I get to breathe for a moment, usually on a sunday, then go back to cramming too much into a day. After this month, these shows are over I would like to sit on the mountain and throw my phone into the center of it. Until then... I get to sell my heart out. Little lightning for all!
I failed to take a proper photo of my table and tent at the 2nd Annual Colfax Block Party and DIY Market so i'll just tell you that it was awesome. I sold two paintings and tons of magnets. Which reminds me, as a consumer you gotta watch out for the check out line impulse buy, that is, unless you are in my shop where the impulse buys are my wonderful glass magnets. They are handy and awesome.
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