28 July 2009

Another Show!

Dear Lord! I've got a work of art to pop out and it's been so long since I've painted a thing. The theme is "Old School." Why do I have soo many ideas when I agree to participate and go blank the week before? I must come up with a medium much simpler than paint. Something I can go to with a baby in the room. I shall update.
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23 July 2009

I'm Gonna Knock Over This Beer Truck

As I fed my son a brunch of apples, squash and stars, a man caught my eye.
Each day a new truck pulls up to the corner store and fills it with bottles of wine, liquor, cases of beer and bags of ice. I stared lovingly as the truck driver flung the side-door up and loaded his dolly. It was at that moment that we locked eyes and I felt as if he could read my mind. I turned away, ashamed by my inspiration to steal beer.
I wondered, "Do they have tracking devices on every keg?" "He just leaves the thing open and goes inside, he'd never suspect a thing," I rationalized, sure he would never miss a case and never suspect a woman pushing a baby in a stroller
I saw this in a movie the other night, only it was cartons of cigarettes and it was the sixties. The only real drawback is the chance that I may have to run a little. I still wanna do it. I still might. Though, I will need an accomplice.
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22 July 2009

Baby Signin

I am learning American Sign Language for my little Miles. I firgure
that I can start with these signs, and as I learn more, I can teach
him more. I really should have been learning this when I was pregnant.
How could I sleep on such a thing? This is such a better option than pulling my hair out, running around, cursing and banging on my head.
Oh... my head.
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20 July 2009

Kiddo - Baby Bolt - Felt Lightning by mamazshanna on Etsy

Kiddo - Baby Bolt - Felt Lightning by mamazshanna on Etsy
Here is a lightning bolt. I am liking the color behind the black of the eye to accentuate his sleepiness. I hope you like him too. On another note, would anyone like a utility belt as much as I would? I am in the process of building a prototype for the service industry. As a cocktail waitress and bartender I hated wearing aprons that only had one of two large pockets and dwarfed my legs in the process. I shall post more as this develops.
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18 July 2009

Another Listing.

Hooray for the Recently listed function on etsy. What a rush! Oh well, more bolts are on the way.
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15 July 2009

I Want A Big Machine To Make The Fabric In My Mind

Coroflot Design Job of the Day: Textile Designer - Target, Minneapolis - Core77
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Goodbye Little Octopus

Say goodbye to the octopus! R. Carver just bought him and Bosso, my baby bolt. Etsy sales are a serious rush. Seriously. You, my reader, you should buy something.
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Awesome Sale On Sexy Things

I was given a gift today. My aunt told me to pick out a car seat for my son since i cannot afford to upgrade right this minute. He needs it though, because he's big, he's nine months old and he just wants to leave his reclined infant car seat days behind. Enough with the car crying... I got another Maxi Cosi. This is the Priori in Night Owl, which we got at Albeebaby.com for $130. That's $80 less than usual, with free shipping and sales tax included. I just saved 100 bucks without having to sacrifice anything. There is officially no excuse for buying that ugly car seat with lambs and clowns all over it.
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14 July 2009

Making, Picking, Sorting

I've been a mom for 18 months. I live in facination of my nine month old, Miles, and in constant scrutinization of my very own mother behavior. Just when I feel like the biggest monster and am the most disappointed in my abilities to keep calm and carry on, I read a little bit of The Baby Book by Dr. Sears and like a little hand, it pats me on my back, reassures me, forgives my swearing and grunting, all my giving up for split seconds and moments that I do. It's hard to love something, someone so much and to be so drained that you never get to show how much love you have. My baby has started to use me as a pacifier and I want to attack this head on, not wait 'til he's two, so I can be a better human being for him all day. My partner could be a bigger part of creating our family's nighttime routine. Instead of me being constantly frustrated and not knowing how to fit him into what has become mine and Miles' exclusive, no dads nighttime ritual. Tonight I read about wearing him down, which I do sometimes but I think the key is for us to share or alternate the nighttime wearing and shushing. The teeth, are a major downer for him and are competing with his sleeping, our consistancy, everything, everyday is different with these teeth popping up and bugging him like they do. But I can see a light at the end of the tunnel. I can see that Miles is get better at falling asleep. Maybe next month will be easier. He's so awesome.
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12 July 2009

Itsy Bitsy Etsy Thoughts

Things I vow to work on... Make my Etsy photos better. There is a time of day to photograph my work and it is definately not at high noon. How do I get the background to go out of focus?
Also, I must become a member of a crafting community. I need feedback, tips and encouragement. Crafting can be a lonely, frazzled business when you're a new mom. Surely there are lots of mom who feel the same. We must find each other! Maybe I should hang out with that nice screen printing girl...

I sold a lot of magnets at my Colfax Block Party booth. I wonder what I have to do to sell them on Etsy. There is a girl in New York who charges $3 a piece and shipping. I'm gonna have to bust into my eighties sitcom Magnet Collection bag of tricks... Tootie and Natalie to the rescue.
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Go Do A Sketch

This is a great warm up for me and Chuckie. It's great. After you're done sketching, you get to play your drawing back to you. Odopod saves all the sketches so you can look at them and even features the awesome ones. Go to Here is what I have done so far.
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11 July 2009

More Bolts!

I have a gap in my teeth that I am forever being co-erced into accepting and loving. So, here's some gaps for you! You can have'm.
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This Is A Test

These are my new bolts! Front and back. I have thirteen so far. I am felting my signature and the faces with wool and a felting needle. It's a great little process that, for some reason, intimidated me. Maybe it was that the results I've seen looked so perfectly done that I was sure felting had to be a more complicated process.
It is not. You should do it too.
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01 July 2009


Also, nobody bought a necklace. I was afraid that they would be too, too laquered and woodsie and crafty... I shall rethink this, redo them and post the results.
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