22 July 2009

Baby Signin

I am learning American Sign Language for my little Miles. I firgure
that I can start with these signs, and as I learn more, I can teach
him more. I really should have been learning this when I was pregnant.
How could I sleep on such a thing? This is such a better option than pulling my hair out, running around, cursing and banging on my head.
Oh... my head.
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  1. This is such a good idea! My boyfriend's mom did that for her youngest when he was a baby. That way she didn't have to spend 20 minutes just trying to figure out what he wanted. I hope it works for you! :D

  2. For now, he is just staring at me and laughing. It's said they understand a lot more then we would assume. It helps to talk to adults with the signs and to incorporate them into all your conversations. I'm actually surprised by the number of skeptics! Why wouldn't I try everything?