23 July 2009

I'm Gonna Knock Over This Beer Truck

As I fed my son a brunch of apples, squash and stars, a man caught my eye.
Each day a new truck pulls up to the corner store and fills it with bottles of wine, liquor, cases of beer and bags of ice. I stared lovingly as the truck driver flung the side-door up and loaded his dolly. It was at that moment that we locked eyes and I felt as if he could read my mind. I turned away, ashamed by my inspiration to steal beer.
I wondered, "Do they have tracking devices on every keg?" "He just leaves the thing open and goes inside, he'd never suspect a thing," I rationalized, sure he would never miss a case and never suspect a woman pushing a baby in a stroller
I saw this in a movie the other night, only it was cartons of cigarettes and it was the sixties. The only real drawback is the chance that I may have to run a little. I still wanna do it. I still might. Though, I will need an accomplice.
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