12 July 2009

Itsy Bitsy Etsy Thoughts

Things I vow to work on... Make my Etsy photos better. There is a time of day to photograph my work and it is definately not at high noon. How do I get the background to go out of focus?
Also, I must become a member of a crafting community. I need feedback, tips and encouragement. Crafting can be a lonely, frazzled business when you're a new mom. Surely there are lots of mom who feel the same. We must find each other! Maybe I should hang out with that nice screen printing girl...

I sold a lot of magnets at my Colfax Block Party booth. I wonder what I have to do to sell them on Etsy. There is a girl in New York who charges $3 a piece and shipping. I'm gonna have to bust into my eighties sitcom Magnet Collection bag of tricks... Tootie and Natalie to the rescue.
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