29 August 2009

Jessica Is A Firecracker

Trying to come up with a present for my Jessica, googling the word firecracker turns out to be the most gruesome thing I could have done before bed time. I have been known to hit the image search button with my eyes covered. I forgot this time and found a hand blown to pieces.. It's like the cirque du soleil. it's all amazing, people flying anywhere, everywhere and for a moment you forget that it is possible to fall. Then someone bounces off there butt, the crown gasps, he gets back up and the flying continues. That little guy falling reminds you that what they are doing is next to impossible to do without getting hurt and suddenly every flying body is more special to you. Everyone's life is hanging by a thread, and you can't take your eyes off of it.
This firecracker photo is like that. Motherhood is like that too. I see a sick child in a commercial and I rush to check that my sleeping baby is still breathing. Any movie where a child dies makes my entire body weeps with emotion. This takes me by surprise.
Let this firecracker be a lesson to you. We can fall. It's amazing how often we don't.
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28 August 2009


The project I'm continuing requires me to remember little stories. I am forced to think of my past experiences and I come up with nothing. Unless of course, you are interviewing me for a job or something then, inappropriately, stories are all I can think to talk about.
As far as small talk goes, I am rusty. My easy, bartender speed of banter is suffering and my recall too. What memory I had before my son arrived is gone. The days of actually having a photographic recollection of where I left my keys are gone. The pleasure I felt to try and then actually succeed in remembering where I put something small is no more. Your birthday: gone.

A mother's memory suffers when estrogen levels that run enormously high during pregnancy drop after birth. It can take anywhere from weeks to 6 months to see this effect in the mother.

*Other symptoms of low estrogen in a new mother are sadness, hopelessness, fatigue or exhaustion, poor concentration, confusion, a fear of harming the newborn or yourself, mood swings characterized by exaggerated highs and/or lows, diminished libido (sex drive), feelings of guilt, low self-esteem, uncontrolled crying and with no known cause, over-concern/over-attentiveness for the newborn and/or a lack of interest for the newborn, appetite changes, sleep disturbances, resentment, memory loss, feelings of isolation.

I have two very rabid pet peeves. The first is being made to feel stupid or flaky when I have always prided the contents and abilities of my brain. The second is feeling uncared for and unappreciated.
I have had some of these symptoms and now I know there is a reason for this feeling. This is all normal. I can go on with my day and stop feeling like there is something wrong with me.
New father's should be legally forced to absorb and sympathize with such information. I will warn my son.

A link for the care of new, suffering mothers.

*Information referenced New York Presbyterian Hospital Website.
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Soap & Smells

Hand Soap & Refill Set from Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day
I have a few soaps. The one in the bathroom, Dove Cool Moisture, is awful. Even with my hands down at my side, it's lingering smell gives me a headache. Maybe it's my super-human mom nose but I can't take it and I don't have to because the handsoap in my kitchen is so nice that I make the trip. Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day in Lemon Verbena. I have wanted to buy something from her line for a while now but it never goes on sale. I bought it anyway. Only five bucks and it's great. Plus, it's thick, long-lasting, so it makes it worth it and I just saw online that they offer a refill. Phew. I can finally sleep at night.
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26 August 2009

Sock It To Me

Monster-Munch Meat Monster And Plushy Pencil!: Speaking of Sock and Glove, It was brought to my attention that Monster Munch is making plushies out of Pepper's Ashi Dashi socks! How beautiful. I wish I had more time to get to some ideas, that is, before all the good ones are taken.
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A Good Black Man

What crafty nonsense shall I accomplish with my pug? Today, postcards, mugs... tomorrow, the world. I really don't know what to make in his likeness. I am not the one who purchases such a thing. Focus groups are welcome. What should I do with your black pug? How will I convey their speech impediments?

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20 August 2009

Hot Diggity!

City Folk Art pieces - Personalized Family Portrait / Story / Memory by mamazshanna on Etsy
I made a listing today! Amidst the sandwich making and Miles, who doesn't feel like eating anymore, I actually found a moment to photograph and list one of my pieces. Soon to follow are fresh CFA ideas. For now, I am offering to make a portrait of a family or a memory for you. You don't need a perfect photograph for me. Just something for me to go off of. Perhaps a link to your facebook...

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17 August 2009

Finally a Photo

These are photos of my missing painting.  Last known whereabouts: The Fabric Lab on Colfax. It's probably in some dark crevice somewhere, being over-looked, forgotten, lonely... shaking.
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Garden Update

I have a lot of plates to balance. I'm doing a poor job of idea keeping. Where is my tiny notebook anyway? This reminds me, there are postings I never followed up on. I never told you about the fate of my seedlings...
The weather was rainy from spring through half of the summer. My seedlings hated every minute of it. Whatever I was supposed to do to the soil, I did not do. It got compacted and I didn't get a single tomato until august. I picked and ate one determined little jalepeno. No strawberries, no peppers, maybe two asparagus beans, some bitty cucumbers.. and a crappy ton of tomatillos. It's October and I just pulled the last of the tomatoes off the plant. They are ripening in a brown paper bag in my kitchen. Sigh.
Next year: Soil! Soil! Soil! Organic matter matters! And no more seedlings, I will purchase my plants and plant them in threes. I will put the strawberry in it's own box. I see the error of my ways and will make up for it next year.

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16 August 2009

City Folk Art Close Ups

There is a little bubbling in this batch. It was a big deal to me but no one seemed to mind. This batch I must seal the frames before I lay down the drawing and epoxy. They will be perfect!

Oh, they are made to order and happily-priced at:
$25 for smalls / $40 for mediums.
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City Folk Art For Sale

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15 August 2009

The Flus, Grand Larceny

The Nun & Jamboxes are nowhere to be found. I can't even find a photo of my missing painting. Did it ever exist? Then, Miserable Miles kicked my ass for two days with a fever of 102˚ and two nights of no sleep. The second night I had to sleep on the floor with him in the living room, breast-feeding every twenty minutes or so, with him in my lap, working on the computer with my right hand, 'til 6 am. I finished my work in time and Wednesday went smoother until I went out to my car the next afternoon. Someone busted my window out for an ipod that could be bought for $40!

Now I gotta go to the salvage yard, get a window, install it, hope my door doesn't get screwed up in the process. Then I get to take my money and buy Nathan Campanella another ipod. Crap. I forever hate thieves. I would have given them the ipod, just don't touch my little volvo. There was a baby seat in the back, for god's sake. Nothing happened today. Nothing at all. It was great.

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06 August 2009


Would you get a load of this? Fuckyeahanimalswithcasts! Could there be anything better than a ferret with a cast? Perhaps a kangaroo will do the trick...
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05 August 2009

Hooray For Accomplishments

A night without sleep and one babysitter later... this is what I came up with for the Denver Art Museum Untitled #23 "Old School" + The Fabric Lab presents Style Wars.
The night was lovely, Miles chased lights and Evan fell on his head. I like being responsible for ONE THING. I'll post a better pic and more from the night when I get more RAM. My buhputer is being most sluggish. Also, I forgot to post our boards from the Skatedeck show at The Plastic Chapel. I'll do that too.
I swear to you, Mr. Invisible, I'll do it.
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