15 August 2009

The Flus, Grand Larceny

The Nun & Jamboxes are nowhere to be found. I can't even find a photo of my missing painting. Did it ever exist? Then, Miserable Miles kicked my ass for two days with a fever of 102˚ and two nights of no sleep. The second night I had to sleep on the floor with him in the living room, breast-feeding every twenty minutes or so, with him in my lap, working on the computer with my right hand, 'til 6 am. I finished my work in time and Wednesday went smoother until I went out to my car the next afternoon. Someone busted my window out for an ipod that could be bought for $40!

Now I gotta go to the salvage yard, get a window, install it, hope my door doesn't get screwed up in the process. Then I get to take my money and buy Nathan Campanella another ipod. Crap. I forever hate thieves. I would have given them the ipod, just don't touch my little volvo. There was a baby seat in the back, for god's sake. Nothing happened today. Nothing at all. It was great.

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