17 August 2009

Garden Update

I have a lot of plates to balance. I'm doing a poor job of idea keeping. Where is my tiny notebook anyway? This reminds me, there are postings I never followed up on. I never told you about the fate of my seedlings...
The weather was rainy from spring through half of the summer. My seedlings hated every minute of it. Whatever I was supposed to do to the soil, I did not do. It got compacted and I didn't get a single tomato until august. I picked and ate one determined little jalepeno. No strawberries, no peppers, maybe two asparagus beans, some bitty cucumbers.. and a crappy ton of tomatillos. It's October and I just pulled the last of the tomatoes off the plant. They are ripening in a brown paper bag in my kitchen. Sigh.
Next year: Soil! Soil! Soil! Organic matter matters! And no more seedlings, I will purchase my plants and plant them in threes. I will put the strawberry in it's own box. I see the error of my ways and will make up for it next year.

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