28 August 2009


The project I'm continuing requires me to remember little stories. I am forced to think of my past experiences and I come up with nothing. Unless of course, you are interviewing me for a job or something then, inappropriately, stories are all I can think to talk about.
As far as small talk goes, I am rusty. My easy, bartender speed of banter is suffering and my recall too. What memory I had before my son arrived is gone. The days of actually having a photographic recollection of where I left my keys are gone. The pleasure I felt to try and then actually succeed in remembering where I put something small is no more. Your birthday: gone.

A mother's memory suffers when estrogen levels that run enormously high during pregnancy drop after birth. It can take anywhere from weeks to 6 months to see this effect in the mother.

*Other symptoms of low estrogen in a new mother are sadness, hopelessness, fatigue or exhaustion, poor concentration, confusion, a fear of harming the newborn or yourself, mood swings characterized by exaggerated highs and/or lows, diminished libido (sex drive), feelings of guilt, low self-esteem, uncontrolled crying and with no known cause, over-concern/over-attentiveness for the newborn and/or a lack of interest for the newborn, appetite changes, sleep disturbances, resentment, memory loss, feelings of isolation.

I have two very rabid pet peeves. The first is being made to feel stupid or flaky when I have always prided the contents and abilities of my brain. The second is feeling uncared for and unappreciated.
I have had some of these symptoms and now I know there is a reason for this feeling. This is all normal. I can go on with my day and stop feeling like there is something wrong with me.
New father's should be legally forced to absorb and sympathize with such information. I will warn my son.

A link for the care of new, suffering mothers.

*Information referenced New York Presbyterian Hospital Website.
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