29 August 2009

Jessica Is A Firecracker

Trying to come up with a present for my Jessica, googling the word firecracker turns out to be the most gruesome thing I could have done before bed time. I have been known to hit the image search button with my eyes covered. I forgot this time and found a hand blown to pieces.. It's like the cirque du soleil. it's all amazing, people flying anywhere, everywhere and for a moment you forget that it is possible to fall. Then someone bounces off there butt, the crown gasps, he gets back up and the flying continues. That little guy falling reminds you that what they are doing is next to impossible to do without getting hurt and suddenly every flying body is more special to you. Everyone's life is hanging by a thread, and you can't take your eyes off of it.
This firecracker photo is like that. Motherhood is like that too. I see a sick child in a commercial and I rush to check that my sleeping baby is still breathing. Any movie where a child dies makes my entire body weeps with emotion. This takes me by surprise.
Let this firecracker be a lesson to you. We can fall. It's amazing how often we don't.
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  1. I think having children does that to you. I got all weepy the other day at the end of Mary Poppins (for god's sake) wheen she flew away with her umbrella and they didn't say goodbye. I was never like that before. In fact, I used to dislike Mary Poppins.