15 September 2009

Is This Thing On?

Does anyone remember when I used to draw? I do.
Oh, hard times... when will ye end? Can't I have 40 hours a week to do what the good lord wills me to do?
I haven't got much of an urge to go out like I used to, but the urge to wander is stronger than ever. Before, I could spend half the day just getting to a spot to sit. When I got to it, I would draw. I love my son. Sometimes, it's easier to forget a little bit of who I was, in order to live with who I am. I have accepted that some parts are paused, and feel blessed that the others are growing fast. I must do something for myself soon and resist the urge to cut my own hair.

PS: Paying rent is crappy. Mice are crappy. I want a bag of cash.
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