09 September 2009

...Not To Blog

While pregnant, I was warned to enjoy my sleep, and get plenty while it was possible. Future mothers, I cannot stress this enough. This situation would be ideal with an endless supply of money lying around, a constant flow of patience. As it is, I am a tense ball of wiry, hungry nerves and it seems the only patience I can muster is for my son and, completely out of nowhere, my dog. There will be none left for the parking lots, or for my boyfriend. Will I ever truly give up the F word? Is it possible to putter through life without it?

So, eight days has passed without a posting. I have made many things instead. I made a parking ticket today, instead of a blog. I cleaned 1400 files today, instead of a blog. I paid a bill, instead of a blog. I made a sundae, instead of a blog. I drew a picture of a girl from high school, instead of a blog. I walked to the park, instead of a blog. I've probably breast fed my son fifty times since my last posting...
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  1. Yes, it's sometimes better to shower than to blog, but great when you can fit in both. All those other things are more real, so there's no rush with blog postings; we'll just wait.

  2. well, last night i stayed up til 3am writing... sneaking around my dark house like a kid trying not to wake the parents.