23 September 2009

Teething Hell

He sleeps no longer. It's 11 pm and he's babbling at my feet. When will this stop? He's fed, changed, bathed, fed, changed and fed again. By now, he's overstimulated, overtired, you name it. What is it about this age? It must be teething. Just as soon as you think you get a good rhythm going a couple molars push up to ruin the party. Poor guy.. it is so hard to stay patient after a long day with no time alone. Tomorrow, I will find the baby Oragel I somehow managed to lose and start his bath, book, feeding routine at 6:30. He's over-tired and in pain and I feel like a jerk. 
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  1. That sounds like hard going. I was trying to think back to those recent days of mine, but it's all a blur, so at least I can proffer consolation that it'll soon all be a blur.

  2. it's amazing. day naps are a cinch... thanks for the encouragement.

  3. You're doing a great job, and he's a super cute baby. Good work.

  4. oh I remember days like that, I have felt that momma pain for the teething baby. This too shall pass, though it seems now like it never will. I have a baby on the way, so soon enough I will be back there! Cycles of life.