08 October 2009

To Do

October is my favorite month to do anything. So, I'm sharing my todo list with you. I haven't had much time to write, so, I'm just gonna have to hope this interests you. As a bonus, enjoy this picture sequence of my lover feeding then throwing a pea at my son's face. You can see a green blur rolling across his table in the final, most brutal shot.
1. Sweet Monkey Mobile for Michele Kelly by October 30th - make 5 small felt monkeys this week.
2. Tiny Goat Companion for Lisa Williams - to take to Vietnam.
3. Album Cover for Alan Worcester (from Mt. Calvary Elementary) - Awesome!
4. Business Cards for Dawn Medina.
5. Miles B-day invitation... today.
6. Cupcake Truck business plan by Feb.
7. Karate Chop USBANK in the taint/switch to a credit union.
8. Make more magnets/themes - Facts of Life, Blood, eyeballs, pugs...
9. Make new etsy & blog banner
10. Make Halloween costume for Lauren, Kyra, Miles, Chuckie, Myself & Shaina.
11. Plan Miles Black & White skeleton Birthday.
12. Make Rorchach pillows before party.
13. Order Soap Making Ingredients/Decide on name, print labels - Baba Soap Company, Na Baba Soap Company, Baba Doll Soaps... can't decide.
14. Learn more about letterpress.
15. Fix a permanent idea list to the wall next to my bed.
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  1. I envy your motivation. My list for this month includes: Don't flip out at work, don't let anyone beat you in Bejeweled Blitz, get a haircut. So far the Bejeweled Blitz item is the only one I can see accomplishing.

  2. bejeweled used to rule my nightlife.. one dollar at a time.