22 December 2009

Renzo: Proofreader Extraordinaire

Me and Chuckie made these for Renzo's birthday. Isn't it cute that there is no date mentioned on the flier? It is not.
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15 December 2009

Old Sketches, Spades

I made a print of this drawing for my brother, who buys all his classy poker art off Ebay. It's probably in his silverware drawer or laundry room. Maybe it's still on top of my mom's refridgerator where it can be appreciated by all the dust and cereal boxes, with all the other prints I made special for them.
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Old Sketches, I'm Behind

On an awful day, an awful bastard broke into my car and stole a basket that contained my first sketchbooks, all my eggs. I'm going to dig through what pages I've salvaged and post them. Hopefully this will motivate the part of me that used to draw. It will.

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10 December 2009

All I Want For Christmas (Under $30)

1: My Fabric Shaver died last week. You may already know of my well-spoken love for this machine but only a few have learned of it's untimely demise. 8 years with this machine was not enough.

2: I admit it. I think of a Slap Chop too much. Mostly, everytime I make a salad and during the prep of my famous one-handed dinners. Though, I'm a skeptic, on more and more occasions this seems like the answer to my immediate, cookin' dinner-all-alone problems.

3. Salad Spinner! I hand-dry lettuce. How lame. I have a irrational fear of spending $25 on a salad spinner and still can't believe these things cost so much.
Corduroy Trooper Hat-Black
4. I'm sooo cold. So cold, I want a trapper hat.

5. Any versatile Jacket or Blazer. Hmmm...
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01 December 2009

I Dream Of Lotion

The semi-arid state of Colorado makes me feel like a raisin. Therefore, I am saving up for some La Mer. It will be delirious. I'll leave Neiman Marcus with the tiniest $100 jar of cream, people will laugh and their wicked laughs will turn into gasps when they witness the moisture.

La Mer - Creme de la Mer - Neiman Marcus
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