10 December 2009

All I Want For Christmas (Under $30)

1: My Fabric Shaver died last week. You may already know of my well-spoken love for this machine but only a few have learned of it's untimely demise. 8 years with this machine was not enough.

2: I admit it. I think of a Slap Chop too much. Mostly, everytime I make a salad and during the prep of my famous one-handed dinners. Though, I'm a skeptic, on more and more occasions this seems like the answer to my immediate, cookin' dinner-all-alone problems.

3. Salad Spinner! I hand-dry lettuce. How lame. I have a irrational fear of spending $25 on a salad spinner and still can't believe these things cost so much.
Corduroy Trooper Hat-Black
4. I'm sooo cold. So cold, I want a trapper hat.

5. Any versatile Jacket or Blazer. Hmmm...
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