22 December 2010

Good Ol' Jessica Jones.

I finished Jessica's order including a portrait for her mother, her brother who just had a baby girl, her father and step-father. Also included was a lovely magnet set of twelve and a framed golden girls portrait. After the holidays, I'm putting my shop on hold and my two final portraits on priority.
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Todo for Life.

There was a time in childhood where I actually thought... "hmm, maybe I could be a cop". This is not possible. However there are things I would like to get to, one way or another, before I die. I want:
  1. to learn the right way to cut hair.
  2. to be a make-up artist.
  3. to be a set designer.
  4. to be an oil painter.
  5. to build a treehouse.
  6. a make-over.
  7. to learn the drums.
  8. to find a new city.
to be continued...
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06 December 2010

Bieber Plus Kyra!

For those of you who are unaware of the devotion I have to my family of angels, take a look at this fine case of photoshoppin'.
Kyra wants a poster of Monsieur Bieber for x-mas. A little $2 poster.
Such a thing, on the wall... I couldn't look at it everyday. So, I promised to make her something better. I made this. We've decided to add a Bieber to a photo of every girl she knows. We've joined powers to form Bieberplus. That's Bieber + you, or her or him. Forever. Jeez. We are good.

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03 December 2010

Erasing Beans

Writing a sensible listing takes a little concentration. My boy's recent fanatical love for throwing milk has kept me distracted from all sorts of promises. So, this is a scan of my sketch. She is a piece I haven't posted yet. There are many. Ahh, I live for drawing hands and hair. I heart the inks and little gigs that force you to tighten up.
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After dinner, I take plain leftover noodles, stick'em in a cupcake pan then stick that pan in the freezer. After a few minutes, they're stiff and ready to transfer to a freezer bag. Miles will eat almost anything with a noodle. This is a lifesaver.

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I made a nerdy, little cord cozy out of leftover pantsuit material and a vintage zipper. I got off on the wrong foot with my first row of stitching, but for 10 minutes work, it's not so bad. I also made a shower curtain from this material my boyfriend had stuffed away. Since I'm rich with patches, I ironed some patches all over it to cover up a tear or two. Then, I grommeted the holes and voila. This is my third shower curtain. My last one was made with the pant suit material. My time with this material has come full circle. *Don't ask about the formatting here... I'm STILL trying to figure out the best way to post from my phone.
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29 November 2010

Ps and Thankyous.

This is how our Thanksgiving table looked before we messed it up with all that fine eating we did. Our friends are good. We love them.
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22 November 2010

Pouring a CFA or Portrait

I'm sharing my coating process.
These pieces, Sammich and Dark Days, were made for a Mr. Thompson in San Francisco. I had trouble with the coat, probably because I was taking hundred pictures during the process.
Note #1: Don't multi-task. In fact, don't do two at a time.
After printing the images onto vellum and cutting them to fit the frame I color the back of the images with a watercolor pencil, which tends to have a nice fade when it is placed on top of the first layer of epoxy. In these images, I used rubber cement to adhere the drawing to the frame. I've learned this is not the best solution because of the air bubble that results under the image. I recommend pouring a thin layer of the mixed Envirotex Lite onto the surface, letting that harden for a bit, say 20 minutes or so. Lay your drawing into that and press the bubbles out as you go. Let that sit for another while.
To pour a CFA you will need a lighter, a torch, two clean, disposable cups and a stick for stirring. Simultaneously pour the two bottles into your cup, making sure they are in positively equal amounts. Stir for two minutes, scraping the sides and bottom with your stir stick. Pour that into a second container and stir more to make sure it is properly mixed. After the mixing you pour a layer onto your drawing. Get the epoxy to cover the entire surface evenly. Make sure your table is level because the epoxy will move around and level itself over the next few minutes.
When you come back you will see bubbles. You want to pop these bubble with hot air. If you are working on a very tiny piece your breath is strong enough to do this. On larger pieces you get to use a torch.
Light your torch, keep it on a low setting and lightly sweep the fire across the surface being careful around the edges of the frame. It seems that every piece I send out has a burn mark or two. Be careful not to over-do this part.
This is your last chance to pour a smooth piece. You must pay attention to any falling dust that will end up stuck in the surface. In this time you must take your epoxy stirring stick and drop a little epoxy onto the dust, drowning it out until you see the surface is clear of dust, bubbles, etc.
Quickly, carefully cover your piece with a shoebox. I like to do another dust check in 5 minutes. After that, leave it alone for 24 hours. If in 24 hours, you come back to your piece and it's sticky or tacky, then your mix was imbalanced. Another coat will fix this.

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12 November 2010

Making Max for 10 bucks

So far all my son's costumes have been black and white. For his 3rd Halloween, Miles was Max from Where the Wild Things Are. I found a little lamb costume at the thrift store and made the hat out of furbric and pipe cleaners with my sewing machine. The claws are felt with fur sewn on top of a ring of elastic. The tail goes through a hole back of the costume and ties around the waist. I made his crown from gold spray paint and cardboard, his staph from a chopstick, a rubber ball and a bead. I've gone through bags of glue sticks this week. Cute. Good. Goodbye Halloween.

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01 September 2010


Here is a Clutter print of my personal nesting doll available at my Etsy...
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18 August 2010

Guest Bath Print

Finished! A reprint, hand-colored and ready for the buyer... Now, if only I could suddenly sprout wings and a pouch to deliver it.
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11 August 2010

My Dream.

I drew her one morning, err afternoon, after waking up from the most soothing dream I've ever had in my life. A playskool airplane flew through the clouds... a little symphony played on top of the little plastic plane.
"To see an airplane in your dream, indicates that you will overcome your obstacles and rise to a new level of prominence and status. You may experience a higher consciousness, new-found freedom and greater awareness. Perhaps you need to gain a better perspective or wider view on something. If the airplane is taking off, then it suggests that an idea or plan is about to "take off" and be put into action. It may also represent you need to get away and escape from your daily life."

Now, this is a hell of a lot better than the waitressing / crumbly teeth nightmares I'm used to. I'm also, quite proud of the light on her stripes.
Sidenote: This photo is also test of my flickr account. How am I supposed to make this useful? Don't I already have at least three places to post the ol' facebucket? Is my phone supposed to upload to flicker? It does not.

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09 August 2010

The Horror.

Knowing my love for a woman to draw, a dear friend of mine gave me a book of horror. This is what I got out of it.
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My First Show...

If anyone purchase a print from me for this show... I will be delighted to replace the print with a better quality, longer lasting copy... for my own peace of mine.
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