25 January 2010

Old Sketches, Time

Oh sweet, negative space. My dear eraser, my pencils, I miss thee. 
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Old Studio, Boy

A wonderful thrift store find, my favorite picture book, The Family of Children, got me to draw for a year straight. 
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Old Sketches, Down

Eleventh and Emerson made me draw this. Why do girls spend so much of their 20s, their life, worried about the opposite sex? If I had a time machine, I'd go back to invest in myself.

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Old Studio, Much

Years ago, I had a lovely, spooky studio with an ever-present, ever-overdue Mucha book. This drawing was inspired by both. My friend Hayes swore the old school was haunted. 
The janitor ghost never showed itself to me, but the memory of working alone 'til morning, with the rest of the building completely dark gives me the heebie jeebies. I painted with loud music to protect me and the door remained locked. When it was time to go home, I sprinted down the steps, to my car in a wimpy burst. They tore our studio down a year later and a parking lot is standing where it lived. One day, I hope to upgrade to a creepy treehouse or funky attic.
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Old Sketches, Sit Back

I suspect that I drew this sitting across from my friend, David. Later sessions will give birth to endless possible tanning salon names and a failed Cornucopia Jones action hero.

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Oh, Tiny Days

Sweet babies. I'm cleaning out my photobucket. The great thing about taking a million pictures is finding one you never knew you took. I love that little guy.

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