24 February 2010


This is for Andrea. She drives all the way to my house from her house on the mountain to cut my dry-ass head of hair while my child sleeps. A good friend deserves a good flier. 
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Etsy Sales

I've been selling a lot on and off Etsy. Imagine, there is a woman out there who's using my little koala as a way to tell her man she's pregnant. I have a bolt in South Africa, in the United Kingdom, in Kansas! First person to send me an appreciation photo gets a free gift. 
This weekend, during Janet and Zac's wedding, I got to walk through their apartment and was honored to see my City Folk Art upon the walls of such a respectable team. It's always been hard for me to let go of work. Paintings are difficult to say goodbye to. Selling prints seems like the only natural way to go, thus cutting out the separation anxiety entirely. That reminds me, after my next sale, it's officially time to remove the rest of my animals from etsy. I'm keeping what's left.

I sold this Tuffo bolt. Little did I know, it lost an eye and some of it's "structural integrity" in storage. I'm remaking it, stronger, and looking for a better felt. Putting so much time into a teensy creature makes me want to make it last forever. I will post the finale.
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Snow. Man.

Hello invisible family. This is what you're missing. My snow-covered captives and our relentless winter. I'll be home in May, dammit. Isn't anyone gonna bloody visit? Enough, already.
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13 February 2010

05 February 2010

Thrift Store Fiasco

I am a thriftin' fool. I admire Shaina's bloody thirst for cardigans. We make a great team. She is a patient, mellow angel in my life. Next time I'll get a sitter.
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