26 May 2010

Back Soon : Redesign!

I am taking a break from the pressures of not keeping up with my blog. Nevermind.
Just as I type this, I realized I've got something to share. Here is a sketch for a newlywed gift. Now, doesn't that couple look like they were made for each other. No, they are not toast, they are a PB&J. Do you like how I added the freedom of flight with the union of marriage? This may be the opposite of what I or anyone thinks of holy matrimony, but it is something to hope for. I've named it, As we float by, loving each other, the cows will sit and stare with wonder.
Which reminds me. If of my Etsy friends are reading this, make today the day to update your Google Analytics. I followed this Storque article yesterday and it helped me figure out why I haven't had a sale since they changed the way the google shopping market sees, or doesn't see, our listings.
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