07 June 2010

Backed up.

I've got too much crap to do! So much, in fact, that it's never gonna get done unless I attack it like a kill list. Imagine my satisfaction, and yours, when it's completed. I'm fascinated by the power of list-making.
  1. Etsy : City Folk Art
  2. Pauls wall : start sketch
  3. Print : for hope
  4. Cloud : for Edie
  5. Digital Paint : Noche
  6. Digital Paint : Goya
  7. Mobile : for Michele
  8. Baby Name Art : for Miles, Avi, Lucille (Chloe)
  9. Baby Chairs : paint
  10. Patio Table : paint
  11. Soap : scale blender fat lye scent
  12. Detroit Tshirts : print vinyl for screens
  13. Window : House that jack built
  14. Portfolio : Resurrection
Attached is a darling photo of a order I completed for newlywed couple Jen and Jason. It's a little personalized CFA I made for a girl from elementary school. Facebook is a wonderland.
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