02 August 2010

Here, I'll Show You...

I write to alert you, my fifteen precious followers, friends and family that there are only fourteen short days left 'til Clutter, my second solo show with the Fabric Labat Modlivin on east Colfax Avenue.
My show celebrates the light at the end of the tunnel of a sincere case of cabin fever. It's a tribute to our accessories, the details we keep on our shelves, in our windows and on our dashboards that keep us company. Doing dishes I tend to drift... I imagine these objects have better things to do with their time as well. My show is how I imagine them. They, who stare me down as I go about my motherly business, wishing my family well and welcoming our arrival home.
As a child, I dug. I loved a good basement or cupboard to dig through and my grandparent's held my attention for the entirety of my childhood. I made a clubhouse on top of an armoir once... we'd fish out abandoned He-Men and treasure that fell behind it. A case of sentimental attachment as serious as the one I have requires balance. Some time too much is just that, too much. Ahh... there you go, have it now, here I am and here are some photos that inspired the drawings for my upcoming show.

TFL Pop-Up Store Located in the Mod Livin' Loft.
5327 East Colfax Avenue Denver, Colorado.
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  1. "A case of sentimental attachment as serious as the one I have requires balance."

    Oh, for real.

  2. Make me a small mallot charm, to wear around my neck. It will remind me to knock some sense.