22 December 2010

Good Ol' Jessica Jones.

I finished Jessica's order including a portrait for her mother, her brother who just had a baby girl, her father and step-father. Also included was a lovely magnet set of twelve and a framed golden girls portrait. After the holidays, I'm putting my shop on hold and my two final portraits on priority.
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Todo for Life.

There was a time in childhood where I actually thought... "hmm, maybe I could be a cop". This is not possible. However there are things I would like to get to, one way or another, before I die. I want:
  1. to learn the right way to cut hair.
  2. to be a make-up artist.
  3. to be a set designer.
  4. to be an oil painter.
  5. to build a treehouse.
  6. a make-over.
  7. to learn the drums.
  8. to find a new city.
to be continued...
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06 December 2010

Bieber Plus Kyra!

For those of you who are unaware of the devotion I have to my family of angels, take a look at this fine case of photoshoppin'.
Kyra wants a poster of Monsieur Bieber for x-mas. A little $2 poster.
Such a thing, on the wall... I couldn't look at it everyday. So, I promised to make her something better. I made this. We've decided to add a Bieber to a photo of every girl she knows. We've joined powers to form Bieberplus. That's Bieber + you, or her or him. Forever. Jeez. We are good.

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03 December 2010

Erasing Beans

Writing a sensible listing takes a little concentration. My boy's recent fanatical love for throwing milk has kept me distracted from all sorts of promises. So, this is a scan of my sketch. She is a piece I haven't posted yet. There are many. Ahh, I live for drawing hands and hair. I heart the inks and little gigs that force you to tighten up.
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After dinner, I take plain leftover noodles, stick'em in a cupcake pan then stick that pan in the freezer. After a few minutes, they're stiff and ready to transfer to a freezer bag. Miles will eat almost anything with a noodle. This is a lifesaver.

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I made a nerdy, little cord cozy out of leftover pantsuit material and a vintage zipper. I got off on the wrong foot with my first row of stitching, but for 10 minutes work, it's not so bad. I also made a shower curtain from this material my boyfriend had stuffed away. Since I'm rich with patches, I ironed some patches all over it to cover up a tear or two. Then, I grommeted the holes and voila. This is my third shower curtain. My last one was made with the pant suit material. My time with this material has come full circle. *Don't ask about the formatting here... I'm STILL trying to figure out the best way to post from my phone.
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