26 February 2011

It is time to eat ok

I made this for Miles and his obsession with ahbah beeyo, nandy and happy to yous. I like that there are no commas.

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23 February 2011


I'm documenting a great detail of my life, but for the most part, I've kept the Majesty of Pigeons experience to myself. Until now. Drive by and you will see our roof, it's pigeons, our plastic owl, our chicken wire crown that tops our home... You might see me in the front yard howling, hurling wood chips at the bastards, spraying them with the "jet" setting of my garden hose, cursing lto myself. It seems one of the clan died of natural pigeon causes yesteday. Whilst working away, I heard a thump and thought "dead pigeon?" looked to the window and poof "dead pigeon!" I did not take a photo of this. It landed on the neighbors property. Which brings me to a useful link: What to do with your dead pigeon ... http://bit.ly/h50sj9
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15 February 2011

I Give You The Business

Ahhh, the hustle of an independent designer. I've spent so many years of my life in Denver unemployed, or loosely employed, or employed in a position that has no future, or looking for employment. I had a little sister sister that passed away in 2003, followed by stint with no nothin' to report to. I made time to draw everyday. For a good couple years, in the land before blogs, I committed myself to a drawing a day (or more) and this served as my school, my job, and my goal, putting one foot in front of the other. Putting perfection aside and letting me be bad, gave me freedom to finish 4. I'm working on my fifth.
One day, I hope to better represent what I have in my thoughts. The goal as an artist to get each idea down is a job in itself... nevermind the demands of my children, my house.
On a good day, my work comes across as cute or pretty or subtle. I like being in my sketchbook, where I'm comfortable. For now, painting takes too long. I am on a search for a new medium.
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