23 February 2011


I'm documenting a great detail of my life, but for the most part, I've kept the Majesty of Pigeons experience to myself. Until now. Drive by and you will see our roof, it's pigeons, our plastic owl, our chicken wire crown that tops our home... You might see me in the front yard howling, hurling wood chips at the bastards, spraying them with the "jet" setting of my garden hose, cursing lto myself. It seems one of the clan died of natural pigeon causes yesteday. Whilst working away, I heard a thump and thought "dead pigeon?" looked to the window and poof "dead pigeon!" I did not take a photo of this. It landed on the neighbors property. Which brings me to a useful link: What to do with your dead pigeon ... http://bit.ly/h50sj9
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