16 March 2011

Little David Has Three Girls

Ava, Emerson & Harper Ballew, 2011. Love you, Cousin Zshanna.
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He's Draining Me

Today, I colored a print with my new aqua Aquarelle.
Back in the land of milk and honey, I drew this bust of a woman, avec son petit punk, who fills like a bag. She was inked for my last show. This idea is from around the time I began to feel mi preciouso fetus kick from the inside. Back when I needed a burrito every few hours to stay sane. Then, this afternoon, having my friend and her newborn over, it all came whooshing back to me. Such work! Such love! Love my girls.
Let us empathize.
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15 March 2011

F is for Freedom!

Starting to list the projects I've worked on! Here's a little "F" made for Freedom's Frird birfday. Might be, I'm a wee bit attention-deficited hyperactively-disordered for this stuff. Motivated by necessity, I will make my way through the alphabet.
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